In today's society, environment surrounding a person is full of diverseness more and more. The role that a security industry should serve for the thing of such an environment becomes more important.
We took responsibility for "protection of human life, body, property" mainly on the human guard mainly on the traffic instruction guard,the crowd guard, and the institution guard since foundation and we contributed to social development through making of security to have you entrust in peace, contributing to social development as a pride.
Our work is not a thing left in visible form. However, it becomes "security" in a heart of people.
We always show the attitude that each one fights, response to social needs, and send it to a polyhedral angle degree for the free idea that is not seized with conventional common sense and an established general idea and develop it. We will lay emphasis on guidance education of a member by security in future toward reliable society and want to offer the smooth service that coped with a change social as a specialist of security and the situation of the times. Thank you very much.